Spray Dried Bovine Blood



 Technical Description of Spray Dried Bovine Blood Name

Spray Dried Bovine Blood (Feed Grade)


Product obtained by taking bovine blood from USDA certified slaughterhouses in Protena International’s HACCP certified processing plants. The Blood is dehydrated in a spray dryer which secures the conservation of proteins and their functional qualities.


Bovine Blood

Sensory Characteristics

Color: Burgundy

Smell: Characteristic

Taste: Slightly salty, iron

Physiochemical and Microbiological Characteristics

Humidity: Max 6%

Total Solids: 94 +/- 1%

Protein: (N * 6.25): 85 +/- 1%

Fat: Max. 1%

pH (10% solution): 7-8.5

Ashes: <15%

Solubility: >90%

Total Mesophilic Count: <100,000 ufc/g

Total Coliform Count: <100 ufc/g

E. coli (/10 g): Absent

Salmonella (/25 g): Absent

Presentation and Packaging

Powdered product packaged in 20 kg paper sacks lined with polyethylene.

Consumption and Potential Consumers

Used in feed mixes for animals: Fish, Chicken, Pigs, Pet food

Shelf Life

1 year

Storage Conditions

Should preferably be stored in cool and ventilated conditions with temperatures around 20c. Should be stored on pallets of a minimum height of 8cm in a closed area without exposure to sun or humidity.


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