AFIA-PISC Conference

Protena International at American Feed Industry Association – Purchasing and Suppliers Conference (AFIA-PISC).

This year on March 12-14 2014 Protena International joined the AFIA and participated in the annual Purchasing and Suppliers Conference (AFIA-PSIC) in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The conference was made up of all medium- and large sized players from the American and International Feed Industry from Cargill to Purina, Land’O’Lakes, Arthur Daniels Midland, APC and a range of other companies.

The North American Spray Dried Blood and Plasma Producers which is made up of a lot of the aforementioned companies was strongly presented at the conference.

A number of topics related to the feed industry – both nationally and globally – were discussed at length, both during and efter the various presentations which can be seen here:

AFIA-PISC Conference Information

AFIA-PISC dealing with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv)

One topic of particular concern was the outbreak of PEDv (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus) in the US and Canada.

Liz Wagstrom of the National Pork Producers Council gave a good introduction to the current status of PEDv and the scientific findings of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and their American counterparts.

It was clear that PEDv is to be considered a serious virus averaging 95-100% mortality amongst the weaner piglets in the farms with PEDv outbreak. The adult pigs are only mildly affected by the virus, which does not affect humans or other species.

It has been found in various regions of the US and Canada, but the first strain of this virus was found in Chinese pigs – and somehow the virus has travelled to the Americas.

The source of contamination has in some cases been proven to be porcine plasma (see Canadian Food Inspection Agency report linked above).

PEDv has, besides from China, also broken out in Taiwan, Thailand and other major pig producing nations – which raises the question of how to viably address this global porcine epidemic.

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